Map of European countries with postcodes and telephone codes

Having a detailed map with postcodes and telephone codes of European countries — is a key element for successful logistics, travelling and communication. On our page, we provide you with a handy tool that allows you to easily navigate through the wealth of information about the postcodes and telephone codes of each country.

Postcodes and telephone codes in Europe - key aspects

In today's world, accuracy and timeliness are — the key to successful logistics operations, tourist travel and efficient international communications. One of the most important elements in this context are the postcodes and telephone codes for every country in Europe.

Role and importance of postcodes and telephone codes

These elements are becoming an integral part of many fields of endeavour:



For international logistics companies, accurate postcodes allow them to optimise routes, speeding up delivery processes and reducing costs.

International Communications


In order to successfully conduct business internationally, it is important to know not only telephone codes to facilitate international calls, but also postcodes for accurate addresses when sending mail.

A review of postcodes in European countries

Our detailed map provides an overview of postcodes for every country in Europe. Use this tool to easily find the right postcode and to understand the structure of the postal system in each country.

Logistics and business applications

In logistics and business, having accurate postcode and telephone code data is a critical element. This information helps:

Optimise delivery


Logistics companies can speed up delivery processes and save resources by relying on accurate postal data.

Improve customer service

For online retailers and companies that interact with customers, correct telephone codes and postcodes ensure accuracy in delivery and service.

The future of effective communication and logistics

Accurate postcodes and telephone codes — they are not just numbers, but key elements that shape successful business processes and provide comfort and confidence in everyday life. Follow our updates and use this unique tool to maximise efficiency in your international operations.

Use your card wisely!

Our map with postcodes and telephone codes — is your trusted guide to the world of precision logistics and communications. Use it wisely for successful international transactions and carefree travelling.